Giving back is in our blood and our Culture. We love seeing the positive impacts our sponsorships have on our local communities and we believe that giving back is extremely important. Many of our OBrien members can be seen cheering on at local sports clubs, community events or being involved in many different foundations & causes. Now it’s time for our brand to take on the next steps towards creating a better environment for those in need.

We are very proud to announce the vision we have to commence our very own OBrien Foundation. The Foundation will be all of us working together to improve the lives of people in our local communities and other causes like MND, Beyond Blue, Local Hospitals, Meals on Wheels among others.

“As many of you know I have been very involved in MND Victoria which I know is a disease that has touched many in this room including myself. A team of 9 of us walked 135km through challenging terrain, we left our comfort zones and embarked a very spiritual and emotional journey.
MND’s moto is: “Until there is Cure there is Care”

Thanks to all of you, we’ve raised over $110k which will go a long way towards making people comfortable while living with MND.

Our Logo:

At first glance represents a circle & a heart – which indicates Completeness and shows our lives are intertwined. This Years Challenge is already in place and it is to trek Kokoda between August 26th – September 4th. It will be difficult but very rewarding.

Yes we’re real estate agents, yes we change lives but we haven’t cured Cancer or invented penicillin. This is a way where we can make a real difference.”

Stavros Ambatzidis.

Working together to build a better environment for those in need

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